Non-Grafted Black Passionfruit

Passiflora edulis


Nellie Kelly Non-Grafted Black Passionfruit is fast-growing, hardy climber with a lifespan of about three years. This non-grafted vine is recommended for gardens with coarse or sandy soils, where grafted vines would be prone to suckering. It will thrive in warmer, tropical areas where frost is not a problem.


How to grow Non-Grafted Black

Plant in a sunny, well-drained position where it is protected from the wind. Apply a complete organic fertiliser and water in.

Enjoying your Non-Grafted Black

As a rapid grower, this plant is a great choice if you need a quick cover for a trellis or fence. Beautiful large purple and white flowers in spring are followed by around 100 deep purple or black passionfruit during the hot summer months. The small to medium-sized round fruit have a tangy, tart pulp that will sweeten if left to fully ripen on the vine.