Non-Grafted Banana Passionfruit

Passiflora mollissima

Nellie Kelly Non-Grafted Banana Passionfruit is a super hardy, non-grafted, vigorous vine that thrives in cooler, temperate regions. This non-grafted vine is recommended for gardens with coarse or sandy soils, where grafted vines would be prone to suckering. It is named for its yellow, oval-shaped fruit.


How to grow Non-Grafted Banana Passionfruit

Plant in a sunny, well-drained position with adequate wind protection, and apply a complete organic fertiliser before watering in. In smaller gardens, it can be grown in a tub.

Enjoying your Non-Grafted Banana Passionfruit

The vine showcases beautiful bright pink flowers from late spring to summer, and sweet, soft-skinned, elongated fruit in autumn and winter. Its aromatic orange pulp is juicy and sweet, with a unique hint of banana. A well-maintained vine will cover around 8sqm and produce up to 150 pieces of fruit a season over its six to eight-year lifespan.