Fatsia japonica

Nellie Kelly Ornamental Japanese Aralia is a striking and hardy plant that will grow well in a sheltered, well-drained, shady position where other plants may fail to thrive. It can also be kept indoors in a pot. Dubbed the ‘glossy-leaved paper plant’, this low-maintenance beauty grows to about two metres tall and is seldom affected by pests or disease.


How to grow Ornamental Japanese Aralia

This attractive evergreen shrub prefers a sheltered, shady spot with slightly acidic soil that is moist but well drained. It will respond well to an organic fertiliser. Water plant deeply and regularly during the first growing season to encourage it to establish a strong root system. Continue watering as needed beyond the first growing season, during extended dry spells.

Enjoying your Ornamental Japanese Aralia

Nellie Kelly Japanese Aralia is a landscaper’s dream, with broad, dark green foliage that makes a bold statement in front of a plain wall. It flowers in late autumn by sending up a flower stalk decorated with white blooms, which go on to produce tiny, inedible black berries. Japanese Aralia thrives in large containers, making it ideal for patios, balconies and living spaces.