Fragaria ananassa

Nellie Kelly Flowering Strawberry ‘Sweetie’ Pink is a compact strawberry bush that grows up to one metre wide. It’s a favourite with gardeners for its long fruiting season during summer and autumn. This vigorous strawberry plant can be grown all over Australia, from Tasmania to Queensland, and everywhere in between.


How to grow Flowering Strawberry

To grow the best strawberries make sure your plants are always moist but well-drained. Be vigilant about pests such as snails and slugs that will love your strawberries as much as you do! Once fruiting has finished, prune back the plant and fertilise to ensure a healthy bush and a good crop for the following season.

Enjoying your Flowering Strawberry

The ‘Sweetie’ grows in clumps rather than via runners, making it ideal for a large pot or tub, but it also makes an attractive feature in a raised garden bed or hanging basket. It produces magnificent pink flowers and abundant large, juicy, red strawberries from summer right through to winter. Strawberries are delicious eaten fresh from the bush or used in a variety of jams, desserts and salads.