Capsicum annuum

Nellie Kelly Chilli is a compact and quick-growing plant that produces a large crop of hot chillis. The Nellie Kelly Chilli will grow to 30cm, producing medium to large-sized fruit from mid-summer through to mid-autumn. Nellie Kelly Chillis are extra hot and spicy!


How to grow Chilli

For best results, plant in a well-drained, slightly acidic potting mix in a full sun position, and apply a slow-release organic fertiliser. Your chilli bush will not be happy in colder climates, especially where there’s frost. Chillies first appear green before turning black, then red, when they are ready to eat. Remove all mature chillis to encourage continued flowering and an abundant crop. Water regularly during fruiting, and apply a nitrogen-rich, liquid organic fertiliser fortnightly for best results.

Enjoying your Chilli

The plant can be used to create a colourful border in a well-drained sunny garden bed, and thrives in a pot on a sunshiny porch or deck. It produces large red fruit – about 4cm long – during the warmer months. Freshly picked or dried for winter, Nellie Kelly Chillis are ideal for adding to your favourite stir fries and curries.