Rubus idaeus


Nellie Kelly Thornless Tulameen Raspberry has been specifically propagated to be free of the disease problems that can affect other raspberry varieties. This delightful plant will grow to around 2m tall and live for up to five years.


How to grow Tulameen Raspberry

Raspberries thrive in cool temperate zones and require a sheltered, well-drained sunny spot to produce optimum amounts of fruit. They are deciduous, suckering shrubs that require staking. Canes that have already produced fruit will weaken and should be cut off at the base. For best results, feed your Nellie Kelly Raspberry with an organic fertiliser such as blood and bone, aged chicken manure or cow manure mixed with compost.

Enjoying your Tulameen Raspberry

The bush will produce clusters of pretty white flowers in spring, and sweet raspberries during the summer and autumn months. Harvesting is a painless task due to the lack of thorns! Pick the raspberries once they are plump, firm and fully ripe. Keep freshly picked raspberries out of the light, and refrigerate immediately. Enjoy them straight from the bush with a dollop of cream, or use in sweet recipes such as muffins, brownies and pavlovas.